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  • 5 Star Member Program

  • The title “Five Star Associate” is presented to an Associate who has demonstrated their commitment to the HBA and given meaningful service. This is a local recognition given by the Salt Lake Home Builders Association.

  • Requirements

    To complete the “Involvement” category, an Associate must accomplish at least three of the five following items:

    • Serve as an active committee member of a SLHBA committee for at least two years other than as the Chairman.
    • Serve as an Associate Director on the Board of Directors of SLHBA for at least three years.
    • Serve as a Chairman of one of the Association Committees. Can not be same as item in below category.
    • Be a Current Spike (6.0) or Life Spike (25.0)
    • Serve as a State HBA committee for at least one year.


    In addition must complete the “Leadership” category, an Associate must accomplish at least two of the four following items:

    • Serve as Chairman of one of the Association Committees for one year.
      * Government Affairs
      * Activities / Education / Membership
      * Parade of Homes
      * Other
    • Serve as the Secretary/Treasurer and Associate Vice President of SLHBA.
    • Serve as a State Associate Director (State HBA Board of Directors) for at least one year.
    • Serve on a NAHB committee for at least one year
    • Serve as a NAHB Director or Life Director for at least one year


  • Mark Your Calendar

  • Gallery

    Beautiful pictures showing off the talents of our builder/trade members. As you enjoy, know our members are happy to fulfill your dreams of building or remodeling.



  • Governmental Affairs

    Our mission is to see that every person has an opportunity to enjoy a home, and operate their business in a supportive free market. Members give of their time to advocate locally.

  • Sponsors

    We are able to accomplish our mission and objectives through the ongoing generosity of dedicated sponsor members. Please support their businesses knowing they give willingly to community.