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        $60,000 GOAL 


    1. Who are we? A group of Soldiers and Marines that have built a relationship with Aimal over the years of combat operations in Afghanistan’s Southern Provinces. 
    2. Where are we at? The primary 2 organizers are active duty military and are stationed in the state of Colorado. 
    3.  How we know Aimal? Served with him in southern Afghanistan
    4.  How the funds will be spent? A portion will be used for any medical expense that are not being covered by the non-profit that is currently acting as Aimal’s Case Manager and any type of physical therapy that is not covered. The remaining portion will be used for transportation, an electric wheel chair, and shower wheel chair.  
    5. Why are we asking for $60,000?  A used good quality electric wheel chair with a warranty is between $5,000-$7,000, a new electric wheel chair can run upwards of $15,000. The cheapest used wheelchair van (with a lot of miles) starts at $14,900.



    The photo above is of Aimal Zafari, known as Randy to the Soldiers and Marines that he has served with over the past 8 years. Aimal is a 26-year-old Afghan that worked as a Linguist for US Forces in Helmand Province since 2009. Since that time, Aimal has participated in every major operation that the United States Military has conducted in Helmand Province. Aimal was recently shot twice in the back by Taliban attackers while he was working in Kabul. The gunshot wounds left him paralyzed from the waist down.  Aimal was no doubt targeted because of his work with US and NATO Forces. This attack happened just months before he was to receive his Green Card and join the United States Marine Corps. Aimal arrived to the US weeks ago with a bad infection causing Stage IV wounds from bed sores. He is currently being treated in Albany, New York. Aimal is proud, tough and stoic, he would never ask for help and hasn’t asked for help. However, Soldiers and Marines that served with him consider him a brother in Arms. After 8 years of supporting the United States and its fighting men, it is time for us to support him. A portion of the money we are asking for will be allocated for his treatment and care. With the remaining portion going to a vehicle that can support a disabled driver and wheel chair. 

    CPT that served with Aimal in 2016:
    "Aimal was the best linguist I had on my team during my 2016 deployment to Southern Afghanistan. In an area of the country known for green on blue attacks, Aimal built long lasting relationships with the local Afghan Army that established trust between everyone he worked with. It wasn't until after I left that he transferred to Kabul and was the unfortunate target of a green on blue attack."


  • It’s that time again, start your Summer off informed and ready to dominate! Meyers Research invites you to the Salt Lake City June Frame event. 

    June 13, 2017 at Noah’s Event center.  Not familiar with Meyers Research and Zonda?  Visit our YouTubeEmily link to find out more:


    Come learn, share and engage in the most recent housing trends, research and marketing from industry insiders Tim Sullivan,

    Jason Eldredge, Rick Baldonado and Chad Bria. We will discuss the various topics impacting our industry, opportunities in the industry and technology

    disturbances in our market that everyone should be familiar with.

    Chad Bria from BDX (Builders Digital Experience) will share with us the latest trends in home builder marketing and consumer capturing. http://www.thebdx.com

    Please click the RSVP link or email Jason Eldredge at jeldredge@meyersllc.com



    Join us as we dive in and explore the state of the national economy, regional trends, and local hot topics. In the past, we’ve covered implications for housing from transportation infrastructure, changes in commodity prices, corporate relocations, and more.

    Frame is an exclusive, interactive forum for our clients to cultivate stimulating conversations and powerful networking. Join us throughout the year at any of the 70 Frame events in over 25 cities. For more information on our Frame events visit www.meyersresearchllc.com/frame

    To Register for Salt Lake City Frame click here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/frame-salt-lake-city-registration-32941950260


    Tim SullivanManaging Principal at Meyers Research
    Jason EldredgeRegional Sales Director at Meyers Research


    Jason EldredgeRegional Sales Director at Meyers Research


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