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  • Join a Committee!


  • Activities Committee Holly Waddington – Carpet Diem     (1st Thurs of every month)

    This committee assists with the planning, implementation and coordination of recreational activities for Association members and their families. These events often include golf tournaments, family picnics, movie premiers, and other types of membership events.


    Education Committee – Scott Welker — VF Law, Chair      (1st Tue of every month)

    This committee coordinates training and educational opportunities for Association members.

    It also assists with the design and implementation of training programs that meet the professional development/continuing education requirements for licensed contractors as specified by Utah State law.


    Membership Committee –  Tami Ostmark – Hamlet Homes Shannon Roberts – KSL.com (1st Tue of every month)

    This committee develops and implements, coordinates and assists with programs to help retain current members of the Association and recruit new members. The committee is responsible for meeting with each new member of the Association and educating them on their benefits of membership.


    Governmental Affairs Committee –  Greg Wall, Avenue Consultants, Chair      (2nd Wed of every month)

    This committee gathers and distributes information about, and assists with, regulatory and legislative issues at the county and municipal levels that affect Association members.  Activities may include contacting elected and appointed officials, lobbying, and testifying at meetings.


    Community Service Committee – Jason Butterfield, SunPro, Chair (1st Wed of every month)

    This Community Service Committee oversees the charitable arm and activities of the Salt Lake Home Builders Association (most notably the Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build). The committee provides opportunities for the community-at-large to be involved with the Association, and assists with the implementation of the Salt Lake Parade of Homes™. The Public Relations Committee assists with the development, implementation and coordination of programs and projects that promote the Salt Lake Home Builders Association and the home building industry.


    Young Professionals Committee – Nicholas Winkel – Sequoia Development   (1st Wed of every month)

    This committee focuses on the engagement, and recruitment of Builders, Associate, and Affiliate members under the age of 45.  We focus on helping meet the needs of younger members, such as developing new services that would be beneficial to the organization in serving the needs of the young professional members.  To enhance and develop the member experience as it relates to younger members.  To generate insight on current programming including mentoring, leadership training and entrepreneurial and general education of emerging industry professionals.


    Women In Building CommitteeAlison Simpson, Acute Engineering

    This committee is all about empowering women. We want women to know that they have a place in the building industry. We want them to grow in the way they inspire to be and feel like they have a voice to be heard.

    Parade of Homes™ Committee –  Jeannie Nageli – Zions Bank  (CLOSED for 2023)

    Parade Sub-Committees

    1. Chefs on Parade
    2. Home Liaison
    3. Judging & Awards
    4. Parade App & Magazine
    5. Parade Marshall (Rule enforcement)
    6. Parade Playhouses
    7. Prism Awards Luncheon 
    8. Realtor Days
    9. Recruiting
    10. Signage / Mapping
    11. Sponsorships
    12. V.I.P Night
  • Mark Your Calendar

  • “Serving on a committee is a beneficial way to meet members of the association and start building beneficial relationships in the industry.” - President Jarom Iacono

  • Gallery

    Beautiful pictures showing off the talents of our builder/trade members. As you enjoy, know our members are happy to fulfill your dreams of building or remodeling.



  • Governmental Affairs

    Our mission is to see that every person has an opportunity to enjoy a home, and operate their business in a supportive free market. Members give of their time to advocate locally.

  • Sponsors

    We are able to accomplish our mission and objectives through the ongoing generosity of dedicated sponsor members. Please support their businesses knowing they give willingly to community.