• Fisher House

  • Our Community Service Committee has a schedule for each year of who will be at the Fisher House to serve dinner. They all volunteer their time to serve the residents and give them some company.

    Last week our awesome members and their families from Air Design Heating & Cooling  had an amazing taco bar catered by Gaudalahonky's. They had so much food left over, they were able to take some over to the Emergency Department as well. 


  • Deboni Sarce from Liv Design Collective and her cute family visited the VA Fisher house this last Monday. We are so grateful to have such giving members.

    Thank you Deboni + Family! 


  • Thank you Dave Young and America First Credit Union for preparing and serving another great dinner!

    Dave grilled burgers and chicken, it was fantastic! 

    (Picture Below)

    • 20180521_181734_resized.jpg
    • 20180521_183847_resized.jpg
    • 20180521_183920_resized.jpg
  • Thanks to Steven Dailey Construction (Steven Dailey, Heidi Dailey, Stephanie Sharp) for another great dinner.

    The house guests enjoyed burgers, brauts and chicken along with salad.

    Many guests say "When Salt Lake Home Builder's are here, It's the best dinner!" 


    • 20180507_173213_resized.jpg
    • 20180507_173320_resized.jpg
    • 20180507_173835_resized.jpg
  • Thank you Builders First Source for preparing and serving hamburgers and bratwursts. 

    They were so kind and also donated plastic products to The VA Fisher House. 

    Thank you Builders First Source for all you do! You are great support. 


    • 20180409_174452_resized.jpg
    • 20180409_174535_resized.jpg
  • Carole Painter from Liberty Bank Of Utah, was kind enough to provide pizza for the residents at The Fisher House.

    It is amazing to see our members within the HBA put others before themselves and serve.

    Thank you Carole! 

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    • 20180326_181233_resized.jpg
    • 20180326_181239_resized.jpg
    • 20180326_181244_resized.jpg
    • 20180326_181253_resized.jpg
  • Thank you DR Horton for providing dinner at the Fisher House. They brought so much food, they were able to also take some over to the emergency department. 

    You guys are amazing! Thank you for being so giving and kind. We are so happy to have you as a member of the HBA.



    • 20180312_192423_resized.jpg
  • Thank you Willowood Homes for preparing a wonderful dinner for the residence at the Fisher House. 

    • IMG_0697.jpg
    • IMG_0699.jpg
    • IMG_0701.jpg
    • IMG_0702.jpg
    • IMG_0703.jpg
    • image1.jpeg
  • Thank you to Kristen Smith @ Integrity First Lending and Amber Salles @ Communie.com for providing yummy Olive Garden for the residents of the Fisher House. You guys are amazing! 





  • Tree Haven Homes & Washington Federal put on a dinner for the Fisher house. What a great way to start off the new year! 

    Thank you Tree Haven Homes - Jarom Iacono & Washington Federal - Leslie Shell for all your efforts at the Fisher House. We appreciate you! 

    • 20180122_180648_resized.jpg
    • 20180122_180703_resized.jpg
    • 20180122_181234_resized.jpg
    • 20180122_191335_resized.jpg
    • 20180122_191337_resized.jpg
  • Everyone was served soup, salad, rolls and topped off with a yummy dessert. Santa also showed up to the party! 

    Thank you for putting on such a wonderful dinner, Interstate Brick- Greg White

    Washington federal- Leslie Shell & Karen Daniels 

    Integrity First Lending Kristen Smith 

    Red Group- Kirk MacKay. 

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    • 20171218_174739_resized_3.jpg
    • 20171218_174749_resized_3.jpg
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    • 20171218_184600_resized_3.jpg
  • Adam Breen with Breen Homes and his crew, serving our good friends over at the Fisher house, Monday Decemeber 4th. A special thanks for them, all the guests of Fisher house appreciate your time and effort! 



  • Steven Dailey Construction did it again! Prepared and served a top chef dinner at the VA Fisher House.

    Guests were served brisket, chicken, pulled pork, salad, baked beans and rolls. They also took food over to the emergency department.

    Thanks Steve, Heidi, Stephanie and Chris!

  • We are privileged to be able to serve dinner at the Fisher house every second and fourth Monday of every month, and love serving our community!

    Here is an amazing story shared from the SLC Fisher House Manager Quinn Kiger, “My favorite story I like to share shows the power this home has and what we see every day. A veteran from Colorado was flown in to our VA hospital because he was VERY ill. His wife was coming with him and was told she was going to stay at a Fisher House. She had never been to SLC before and was scared to death. She had no idea what a Fisher House was. We welcomed her in and she became a part of the family. She met another woman staying here alone and they became each other’s support system. Well, one day I received a call from the social worker at the hospital letting me know that her husband had unexpectedly passed away. This woman, of course, was beside herself so the Social worker wanted to make sure I was here to support her when she came back to the home. Well that woman called the other lady staying here since she didn’t know who to call. The lady here went around and knocked on all 20 bedroom doors and asked every family member staying here to wait for her at the front door. So when she walked in, she had 20 families embrace her. It was a powerful sign to see.

    I have had so many women come in my office sobbing stating “I have never heard my husband talk about his time in service until he is sitting around the dining room table here at Fisher House, talking to all the other men.” 

  • A short story of how we got involved into the Fisher House: http://jarenldavis.com/2015/05/22/it-is-an-honor-sir/

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      HomeStreet Bank
    • 20170911_171753_resized.jpg
      HomeStreet Bank
    • 20170828_175457_resized.jpg
      Lone Pine Cabinets
    • 20170814_172301_resized_1.jpg
      ACE Gutter Inc
    • 20170731_172244_resized.jpg
      D. R. Horton
    • 20170731_172241_resized.jpg
      D.R. Horton
    • photo-2.jpeg
      Valley View Granite
    • photo-3.jpg
      Valley View Granite
    • Photo-1.jpg
      Valley View Granite
    • Image-3.jpg
      America First Credit Union
    • image-2.jpg
      America First Credit Union
    • 20170612_170643_resized.jpg
      Ken Martello - Citywide Home Loans
    • 20170612_172332_resized.jpg
      Ken Martello - Citywide Home Loans
    • 20170424_174154_resized.jpg
      Builders First Source
    • 20170424_180106_resized.jpg
      Builders First Source
    • 20170410_173945_resized.jpg
      Steven Dailey Construction
    • Christmas-2015.jpg
      Merlin Taylor
    • Steve-Dailey-1.jpg
      Steve Dailey and Troy Breur
    • Kelly-Whytock-New.jpg
      Kelly Whytock
    • File_003-(1).jpeg
      Ken Martello - Citywide Home Loans
    • Lone-Pine--New.jpg
      Lone Pine Cabinets
    • Kelly-Whytock-New-2.jpg
      Kelly Whytock
    • File_000-(2).jpeg
      Ken Martello - Citywide Home Loans
    • Steve---2.jpg
      Steve Dailey and Troy Breur
    • Steve---3.jpg
      Troy Breur and Steve Dailey
    • SLHBA.jpg
    • 20170227_181234_resized.jpg
      Scot Safford - Cowboy and Partners
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    • A-Company.jpeg
      A Company
    • 20170227_181004_resized.jpg
      Scot Safford - Cowboy and Partners
    • Lone-Pine--New-2.jpg
      Lone Pine Cabinets
    • File_001-w1632.jpg
      DR Horton
    • Ken-Martello-New.jpg
      Ken Martello - Citywide Home Loans
    • Lone-Pine---New-4.jpg
      Lone Pine Cabinets
    • Dessert.jpg
      SLHBA Staff
    • Eating-2.jpg
      SLHBA Staff
    • Eating-3.jpg
      SLHBA Staff
    • Eating-4.jpg
      SLHBA Staff
    • Eating-5.jpg
      SLHBA Staff
    • Eating.jpg
      SLHBA Staff
    • Food.jpg
      SLHBA Staff
    • Serving-food.jpg
      SLHBA Staff
    • Leslie.jpg
      Washington Federal Bank
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    • Image-1.jpg
      America First Credit Union
    • 20170828_175449_resized.jpg
      Lone Pine Cabinets
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