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  • Mayoral Panel

  • High fives to our Governmental Affairs Committee! They organized an event with national, state, and local elected leaders and organizations who can assist in the preservation of our housing affordability. We are currently unable to meet the demands of the market knowing the years ahead carry significant new in-migration. For us to be able to build for the growing population; we need all hands on deck. The goal wasn’t to find the answers in one meeting, but to find ways our collective efforts can/will help. A special thank you to Mayor Seghini, Mayor Applegarth, Mayor Dolan, and Mayor Walker for being our elected panel members! Mel Bodily, Dan Johnson and Ross Ford, thank you for your professional contribution! Watch for reports on television, radio, and in the paper…

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    Beautiful pictures showing off the talents of our builder/trade members. As you enjoy, know our members are happy to fulfill your dreams of building or remodeling.



  • Governmental Affairs

    Our mission is to see that every person has an opportunity to enjoy a home, and operate their business in a supportive free market. Members give of their time to advocate locally.

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    We are able to accomplish our mission and objectives through the ongoing generosity of dedicated sponsor members. Please support their businesses knowing they give willingly to community.